What is religion without Christ - how poor, cold, empty and vain!

In this we have enough, even to follow our Lord.

Let us seek to know our God in and through the Son of His love, our Lord Jesus Christ. In Him God is most glorified, and in Him only are our souls sweetly satisfied.

How much we lose because of not praying! Oh to live close to the throne of God, the cross of Christ, and to be filled with the breathings of the Holy Spirit of God.

Pray often to be filled with the Spirit of Christ - that He would overcome in you and that you might be prepared early for eternity.

Prayer is a spiritual exercise that should draw our hearts above, where Christ is - glimpses or foretastes of being forever safe in the arms of Jesus.

We need more of that simple, sweet, child-like, and precious faith. This will make all our religion alluring and resplendent to the world and sweetly fragrant unto God.

Oh that the sweetness of gospel forgiveness, full and free through Christ, would be victorious in alluring, drawing, and melting our hearts.

When the meditation is on Christ, then the heart is full!

Who can rightly enter into the infinite depths of glory that surrounded Christ's first advent - what He undertook to save sinners!

Who will yet doubt the willingness of God to save them!

I think there is no doctrine so sweet and so blessed as the complete - full and free - forgiveness of all our sins for the sake and through the blood of Christ. Amazing, wondrous forgiveness!

Let us joy in this method of salvation! Christ Jesus dying to save sinners. Here is rest, sweet rest, for a sin weary soul.

The gospel is continually new and precious to a believer. He cannot live without it. Each Sabbath again, he longs to hear the voice of his Beloved.

Oh sinner, how long will you bear your own sin? Gaze upon Emmanuel until the peace of God, which passes all understanding, fills your heart and mind.

Take your heart, with all its "unpreparedness" to Jesus. If your heart be hard, worldly, unfeeling, etc., tarry not, but go as such, just as you are, go to Jesus for He has promised: "him that cometh unto Me, I will in no wise cast out." Ah, this is a broad promise. None are excluded, all are welcome! Come, even now come!

A solemn thought: A man will go lost, not because his sins were so great or many, or because his heart was so hard and unbelieving, but because he rejected his only Saviour - he did not bring his desperate case to Jesus and cast it on Him who saves to the uttermost.

Jesus delights in mercy and desires the salvation of the sinner. Even now, His hands are stretched out still to save - even to the ends of the earth.



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